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“At the Siountri School of Foreign Language we never rest on our laurels.  Our vision is the improvement of the student-learning experience, which is achieved by combining quality teaching, using new technology, creativity and many years of experience.”

Dimitrios Siountris, School Director
ΜΒΑ Class of 2005, University of Rochester, New York
BSc Business Administration, University of Piraeus

Our experience dates back to 1982, when Kostas and Athina Siountri who, upon completion of their post-graduate studies in the United States of America and the acquisition of several years of experience there, created the most up-to-date Foreign Language School in Nea Smyrni, a school where students could best learn their foreign language(s) of choice.
Always searching for new and improved ways of providing teaching, and our tireless pursuit to include ever more languages in our program of study, has made us a force to be reckoned with as a Centre of Foreign Language, setting us apart from the competition.

The Siountri School of Foreign Language is the ideal learning community, largely due to the cooperation it encourages amongst its students, pleasant learning environment and modern facilities, its organized activities and events, and the fastidiousness of its experienced professors.

In our new web page, more specifically in the area ‘Knowledge Base’, we will try to share with all of you much of what we have achieved and realized all these years through teaching and the experiences of our professors and students.  Moreover, we will respond to questions, to the best of our ability, and we will bring you into contact with the way of learning and the improvements/innovations that are brought to our attention by our students.  And, speaking in the first person, plural, we don’t just mean the administration, but the whole ‘family’ of the Siountri Foreign Language School:  the students, professors and our associates.

As to the rest, all that which can’t be shown on a webpage, you can find out by communicating with us, or by visiting us in beautiful Nea Smyrni.  We would be more than pleased to discuss your particular language experience and needs and find the program that is best-suited for you.

Lastly, I would like to thank, not only the parents who have entrusted their children to us, but our graduates, by reminding them of our promise to continue in the same spirit, desire and motivation, by means of our studies and abilities, to help make all our students’ dreams and wishes a reality.



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